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Tapas are Spain’s greatest food invention. The idea originated in Andalusia. It started, so they say, with a piece of bread, topped with ham or cheese, balanced over a glass, to keep the flies and dust away. The word “tapa” means cover. Gradually, other items were added to the tapa and this is how the concept grew.

Nowadays, the Tapas concept is a way of life, a fundamental part of the social ambience. The idea is to order one tapa per person, and a different one with each drink, then everyone enjoys tasting and sharing. Tapas can be upgraded to bigger portions known as a racion.

Our Tapas include fine sliced ham, cured in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, organic almonds from Alicante, sweet Catalan delicacies, Albondigas, Patatas Bravas, Tortillas and many more. Authentic food, hand-cooked using great ingredients.